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Our Childcare history

Marie Blanc, Clinical Psychologist, CEO

« Meeting your precise needs is our priority. Psychological techniques help identifying the best baby sitters for your children. Their safety and harmonious development need the best ».

Déclic Éveil is the result of more than 20 years of childcare and degrees in clinical and neurocognitive psychology (Paris Ouest and New York Universities)

Our services

Déclic Éveil was created to provide an enhanced childcare service in France. It combines baby sitting with education. 

A babysitter comes to your home at the hours you've selected, and not only takes care of your children, but in addition she contributes to their education. 
Déclic Éveil can also provide your children with many other activities tailored to your wishes.

Déclic Éveil offers high quality services to all children considering their age: below 3 years old, 3 to 6 years old and over 6 years old.

Because Déclic Éveil tailors its services to your needs, we are committed to finding the best solution, regarding the elder-younger or brother-sister relationship, in order to provide optimum intellectual stimulation and the best understanding of your children. 

Our Declic team

"High quality services are related to better cognitive and language developments, positive relationships and relation with the parents. It reduces behavioral problems" Fanny, 24, baby-sitter

Competent and outstanding babysitters with strong qualities are rigorously selected to take care of your children.

1. Each tutor has a minimum of an undergraduate degree. 

2. Each babysitter has a minimum of 3 years experiences in childcare and babysitting. 

3. Each person is selected for his great personal qualities and for his psychological assets such as patience, listening qualities, curiosity and punctuality.

Under 3 years old

A new baby just popped up in your family, so wonderful! Difficult to resist the pleasure of spending all your time with her/him. But what about your career and your professional life? Coming back to work may be difficult if the interruption is too complete or too long .... Déclic Éveil can help you balance work and family life while strengthening your relationship with your child.

Part time - You want to resume your career with a half-time job
Déclic Éveil takes care of your baby during your hours away from home. Our specially trained baby sitters will gradually make him familiar with the games designed for his development, in line with your instructions.

Full time - Your child keeps growing, and you want to resume your career with a full-time job
Beyond safety and comfort, our baby sitters can stimulate his intellectual development through a game based program, tailored to his specific needs to suplement you during your working hours and/or business trips. Two baby-sitters might be needed! If so, Déclic Éveil, of course, ensures that they coordinate perfectly.

3 to 6 years old

This is the age of language and the beginning of mental representations, and also, the start of writing. Déclic Éveil offers childcare with focus on intellectual and psychological development. In line with your instructions, your child will learn games so that he gets familiar with books, words, shapes, colors and much more. Accurate written reporting to your attention is put in place.

If needed, our baby sitter can bring your child to and from kindergarden.

Over six years old

Six years and more. Now it is high time to optimize the relation with school and give a taste for learning. But all children are so diverse! Should we encourage reading, clarify a few points left in the dark during the lesson of the day, and do tomorrow homework without mistakes?

Do we need to overcome a problem, an issue to accept the effort for learning?

Our job is to identify the baby-sitter who is best adapted to your child. Déclic Éveil has many contacts with Universities in France and Europe, and therefore has a wide range of candidates for you. Our agency directors all have extensive experience enabling them to select the most suitable person quickly.

Our baby-sitters will act in line with your instructions, those of the school, and know how to most develop your child's potential.

Occasional baby-sitting

If you sometimes want to occasionally use one of our services, just call us! 

A baby-sitter will take care of your children at your house. The price per hour is 35 euros. 

On short notice, if you want a baby-sitter for this afternoon or tonight, just call us for a last minute baby-sitting. The price per hour has to be higher, 40 euros and for a Sunday, the price is 45 euros.

How to contact us - Our email address is: marie@decliceveil.fr

  • Our national number is: +336.

Declic Eveil provides 24h/24h and 7days/7days childcare services including holidays, nights and week-end. 

To book our service, you can contact us in the normal office hours. However, you can also call us whenever you want and leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Upon request, we are happy to arrange a meeting with you.

Want to work with us?

  • If you are fond of children and education and you are a student in Paris region or in a city where Déclic Éveil is active, and you have free time during the day, late afternoon and/or Wednesday, you can join our team.
  • Send us your CV and indicate your university level and qualifications/experience on early childhood. French school for primary school teachers of course, but also the BAFA, first aid and children care, or equivalent degrees from European Countries or North America are welcome.
  • Mention your experiences in mentoring children, such as summer camp animation (pioneers, etc...).


Working with Déclic Éveil means having a work contract in France and then enjoying the related benefits *: holiday leaves, health insurance. If you are already a student in France, you save the self-paid student health insurance cost, and the meter starts running for your old age pension! 

  • You will join a team with passion for children and education and you will be in regular contact with colleagues to share your experiences.
  • If necessary, you will participate in a safety training course, educational methods and children psychology lessons.
  • Déclic Éveil pays not only for your hours of attendance with the children, but also the hours of preparation, transportation, and training as it will be mentioned in your contract.
  • And if you want to stay with us after you passed your exams, well, all our agency directors were babysitters when at the University!

* Subject to minimum numbers of hours achieved.